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Since the Speak Your Peace kick-off campaign in August, 2003 the following has been accomplished: 

2,047 posters have been distributed
100 smaller 8.5 x 11 posters have been distributed
6,800 wallet cards have been distributed
131 window clings have been distributed
200 buttons have been distributed
454 vision statements have been distributed
42 Speak Your Peace presentations have been delivered

Additional Highlights:
Presentations have been made to the following governing bodies: 
Duluth and Superior City Councils
St. Louis County and Douglas County Boards
Duluth and Superior School Boards

Posters and/or other materials are in the following locations: 
All classrooms of the Duluth Public Schools
Many surrounding schools systems – Superior, Buhl, Hermantown and Cloquet
All eight community colleges in northeastern Minnesota
Many places of business – from sporting goods stores and banks to radio stations and churches

Speak Your Peace curriculum has been provided to the following schools:
Duluth Public Schools
Stevens Point Public Schools
Hermantown Public Schools
Proctor Public Schools
Mesabi East
Lake Superior School District
University of Minnesota
Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation

Speak Your Peace message has been part of the curriculum at the following conferences:
St. Louis County Human Services Conference
Scott Anderson Leadership Forum
WDSE Public Forum on Domestic Politics and International Terrorism
AAUW State Meeting
Kentucky Bar Association Statewide Conference
Kentucky Attorney General Statewide Conference
MN Council of Non-Profits
Donors Forum of Wisconsin

Speak Your Peace has been introduced by DSACF staff to the following communities
Southwood County, WI
Springfield, MO
Willmar, MN
Cook County, MN
Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation, CA
Cleveland Heights

Speak Your Peace translations:
The tools of civility have been translated into Spanish and Hmong

Awards and Honors:
Ethical Citizens for Minnesota's Future Award

Speak Your Peace media and academic journals:
Featured on Nick News
Featured in National Civic Review
Article in Foundation Review
Featured in Donors Forum of Wisconsin
SYP was recognized as a national leadership tool by Council of Foundation Community Leadership Team in their publication “Better Together.” Includes video on Better Together website and YouTube.




It's not what you say ... it's how you say it